Markets to participate in Macfrut Digital

Fri 31/07/2020

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Press Release

Cesena (30 July 2020) – Markets are discovering the potential that Macfrut Digital (8-10 September 2020) has to offer. In addition to giving space to Italmercati and Fedagromercati, the first international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector, to be held on a digital platform (Natlive), will be attended by many professionals interested in seizing the advantages offered by this digital event which, at a low cost, allows companies to expand their reach and explore new business opportunities.

These also include medium-sized companies such as the Mercato Ortofrutticolo di Cesena, along with another leading company in the sector, Ortomercato.

‘We instantly jumped at the chance to participate,’ explains Alessandro Giunchi, Sole Administrator of the Mercato di Cesena. ‘This is a major opportunity for us to meet new professionals, not only wholesalers but also logistics companies and service providers who intend to use the market as a hub for distributing fruits and vegetables. The market system has not always kept pace with innovation; Macfrut Digital provides a boost in this direction and is therefore a challenge for all of us. Markets are of crucial importance for producers, wholesalers, traders and retailers, since it is where they can offer their quality products.’

The Mercato Ortofrutticolo di Cesena consists of a 28,000-square-metre indoor facility which, every year, handles 80,000 tonnes of fruits and vegetables, with more than 50,000 accesses. Giunchi also adds: ‘We are a dynamic, medium-sized market offering high-quality products that are guaranteed and checked throughout the supply chain.’

Link to the Mercato video:

Ortomercato, which will also participate in Macfrut Digital, is one of the most important markets in the Cesena area. This second-generation company markets more than 7,000 tonnes of goods, handles more than 9,300 supplies for approximately 20,000 lots marketed, and has a 5,000-square-metre refrigerated area outside the market. ‘We set ourselves apart from large-scale retailers as we constantly offer excellent products,’ explains Massimo Castrogiovanni. ‘We supply locally-sourced goods from the top production areas in Italy and in the Mediterranean region on a daily basis and continuously. Macfrut Digital will give us the opportunity to find excellent partners and suppliers that we can add to our list of clients and collaborations.’

Link to the Ortomercato video: