Biobest, a new IPM insect for indoor growers

Biobest, <strong>a new IPM insect</strong> for indoor growers
Biobest scooped the Greentech Innovation award for its new aphid predator, the brown lacewing Micromus angulatus. This generalist predator feeds on all common aphid species found in protected crops. It is tolerant to low temperatures […]
Wed 09/11/2022 by Maude Le Corre

StePac moves towards leaner and greener packaging solutions

StePac moves towards <strong>leaner and greener packaging solutions</strong>
StePac aims to empower customers with its automated packing solutions by enabling them to make the transition from manual to faster and more efficient automatised processes. “Food is packed as […]
Thu 03/11/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla

Groen Agro Control online monitoring tools

<strong>Groen Agro Control</strong> online monitoring tools
Groen Agro Control is an official European laboratory certified by the Belgian authority (FAVV) to perform analyses as part of official import controls. The laboratory specialises in both chemical and microbiological analyses […]
Thu 01/09/2022 by Amanda Cardinal

Bio Trends Ibérica committed to environmental sustainability

Bio Trends Ibérica <em>committed to environmental sustainability</em>
David Algás, marketing manager at the biocide distributor, said: “We are a company that offers biosafety solutions that comply with the strictest regulations and highest environmental standards. Protecting the environment […]
Mon 27/06/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla

BIOPTIMUS: the first biofertiliser authorized for hydroponics

BIOPTIMUS: the first biofertiliser authorized for hydroponics
Spanish leader in biological solutions LAINCO has obtained authorisation from Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to launch BIOPTIMUS for use in hydroponic and woody horticultural crops. The biofertiliser […]
Wed 10/11/2021 by Lainco - Translation Richard Wilkinson

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