Fruit Expo 2020, attracted 261 premium brands

Photos: Fruit Expo Committee Press Release by Fruit Expo Commitee The highly anticipated Fruit Expo 2020 has been successfully staged this September 24th-26th at China Import & Export Fair Complex, […]
Mon 23/11/2020
Photos: Fruit Expo Committee

Press Release by Fruit Expo Commitee

The highly anticipated Fruit Expo 2020 has been successfully staged this September 24th-26th at China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, attracting 261 Premium Brands at home and abroad to attend!

Held under the same roof with the government-led 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Expo (MSRE), the show shared and recorded 28842 Visits from quality buyers.

Covering the whole fruit industry chain, visitors could find everything from all kinds of fresh fruits, fresh-cut fruits, fruit juices, dried fruits, candied fruits, preserved fruits, fruit seeds,to cold chain and logistics solutions, fresh fruit e-commerce, and etc.

8 Country Pavilions Representing 105 Leading International Brands

Thanks to the support of Guangzhou consulates of Thailand, Indonesia, Israel, Greece, Vietnam, Chile, Ecuador, and Colombia, the 8 corresponding Country Pavilions representing 105 Leading Brands were able to meet our buyers amid the pandemic.

At a media interview, Ms. Marina Novira Anggraini, Commercial Counsellor of KBRI Beijing said that the Indonesian government had always been supportive of bilateral trades between China and Indonesia, especially in the fruit sector. By attending Fruit Expo, she hoped that Indonesia’s premium tropical fruits could be known and loved by more Chinese consumers.

Fruit Expo has welcomed its first Israel Pavilion on its show floor as well, with leading enterprises like NaanDanJain, Mottech, Bermad, Eshet Eilon, Volcani Center, and etc., showcasing Israeli cutting-edge irrigation and post-harvest handling technologies.

With the deepening of China’s cooperation with Belt & Road countries, China is becoming an increasingly attractive market for overseas fruit exporters. Showcasing a wide variety of exotic fruits like durian, coconuts, pineapples, mangosteen, bananas, salak, pitaya, mangoes, longan, pomelo, blueberries, cherries, and so forth, the pavilions of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Chile, and etc. were always packed with interested buyers during the show!

China’s Growing Appetite for Imported Fruits

In spite of the pandemic, Chinese fruit importers showed strong confidence in China’s imported fruit market. In fact, for H1 2020, China imported 3.635 Million Tons of fresh fruits, totaling 6.3 Billion Dollars, registering a 14% growth, as shown by China Customs data.

Staged in Guangzhou, one of China’s major imported fruit markets and distribution hubs, Fruit Expo 2020 attracted a galaxy of fruit importers this year, such as Chen’s Sun, Nowfruitti, Zhanhui Trading, Guo Jiang, Zhongxiang, Fruitlink, Miji Trading, and so forth.

“In stead of as holiday gifts, now a growing number of Chinese citizens can afford to consume imported fruits in their everyday life. Currently, we import up to 8000 containers of fresh fruits on a yearly basis, collecting a revenue of between 1.3-1.5 billion yuan,” introduced Nowfruitti, a 30-year old fruit importer that mainly handles fruits from the southern hemisphere.

Degradable Fruits Packaging Is the Future

Another obvious trend is that the fruit packaging segment is moving towards green development. “China is already taking steps to progressively replace plastic bags with more sustainable materials,” said Idealist Eco Tech, currently one of the few PLA-PBAT packaging manufacturers in China. “Chinese consumers’ rising eco-consciousness is also a main driving force for the green packaging market,” followed Lvyuan Packing.   

Increasing Demand for Fruit Sorting & Grading Technologies

On the other hand, Chinese consumers’ demand for better quality fruit is widening the adoption of fruit sorting and grading systems among fruit growers and suppliers.

This year’s show saw a higher representation of exhibitors from this sector, including Reemoon, Taiho, Jinguoyuan, Evertru, Dezo, IAS, Toupack, Daocoon Technology, Newte, Dekfeller, YING RUN and so forth.

“In recent years, China is beginning to break western countries’ monopoly in NIR spectrum fruit sorting technology,” said IAS, “At present, this technology has been widely adopted in the grain and oil sectors, while fruits and nuts are still a comparatively new application direction in China.

Guangxi & Gangu Characteristic Fruit Products Promotion

Besides improvement of quality, Chinese growers are now more and more aware of the importance of brand building.

In an attempt to help fruit growers from Guangxi Province and Gangu  County of Gansu expand sales channels and boost brand awareness, Fruit Expo 2020 joined hands with International Trade

Center for Guangxi Products and Gangu Fruit Industry Service Center to hold a series of local fruit products promotion events.

Nationwide interested fruits wholesalers, chain stores, supermarkets, agents, distributors, exporters and etc. were drawn to the show. It has been reported that 3.5-Billion-Yuan purchasing agreements for Guangxi’s top ten agricultural products were reached on site, while Gangu also landed orders for 3600 Tons of its famous Huaniu Apples.

In order to better receive potential buyers, Guangxi and Gangu exhibitor groups ordered the two biggest booths on site, with dozens of leading local enterprises displaying their unique fruits products, attracting numerous attentions.

2020 World Fruit Industry Conference

As the biggest highlight of the show, the conference has not only attracted Chinese industry leaders, but also overseas officials like Ms. Shirly Coifman, Head of Economic and Trade Mission to South China, Consulate General of Israel in Guangzhou and Mr. Paul Penaherrera, Commercial Counselor of Pro Ecuador OCE Canton to talk about their country’s fruit industry.

Mr. Wang Wenhui, Director of Research Institute of Pomology of CAAS, also gave us a panorama of China’s fruit industry development. He introduced, “Currently, China has become the world’s biggest fruit producer, with 274 Million Tons of fresh fruits produced in 2019, accounting for 30% of the global total.”

“However, it’s the fast-growing demand for imported fruits that draws the most attention,” He added, “Currently, there are 57 types of fruits from 47 countries permitted to be imported to China, and we believe that China’s imported fruit market will only open wider to the world in the future.”

Last but not least, sincere thanks to our advisors, including Pagoda, Goodfarmer, Chen’s Sun, Jiabao Group, and etc, as well as our diamond sponsor Reemoon, which have been of great help in putting together this wonderful show! Fruit Expo looks forward to seeing you next year! Stay tuned on