FarmFresh Conservers are used in lime exports from Brazil to Eurasia

PRESS RELEASE   Protected in EPS packaging manufactured by Termotécnica, fruits maintain freshness and nutritional quality, with lower logistics costs, during long transit times   Brazil, one of the world’s […]
Fri 24/07/2020


Protected in EPS packaging manufactured by Termotécnica, fruits maintain freshness and nutritional quality, with lower logistics costs, during long transit times


Brazil, one of the world’s largest Tahiti lime producers, is also the fruit’s largest exporter to the European Union according to Abrafrutas (Brazilian Association of Exporting Producers of Fruits and Byproducts). Even though only 7% of production is destined for the international market – about 70 million tons –, lime exports in the last decade have doubled in the country. And in 2020, with the Covid-19 pandemic along with health professionals’ recommendation to increase consumption of FLV (Fruits, Legumes and Vegetables) to strengthen immunity, the worldwide demand for citrus fruits is growing.

Developing conserver solutions under the FarmFresh brand, working together with partner producers and traders, Termotécnica has contributed toward the increased participation of Brazilian fruit in foreign markets. Now in July, a large shipment of Tahiti limes has just been dispatched to supply the Eurasian market, packed in FarmFresh conservers.

Due to the long transit time, about one month between harvest in Brazil until consumer availability in these purchasing countries, the qualities of FarmFresh EPS conservers provide great advantages throughout the entire chain. With this packaging and preservation solution, fruits imported from Brazil can sustain the long transport journey, arriving in the most distant markets with greater freshness while maintaining their nutritional values. “Our post-harvest solutions not only value but are also a great asset for Brazilian fruit producers, since they ensure that fruits are packaged, transported, delivered and displayed to their customers in various countries with the same quality, freshness and care taken during the cultivation and harvest processes”, states Termotécnica’s Superintendent Diretor, Nivaldo Fernandes de Oliveira.

In this true race against time, from producer to consumer, Termotécnica’s post-harvest solutions extend the fruits’ shelf-life by up to 30%, maintaining their nutritional properties longer. Certified by tests in European laboratories (AgroTropical and HDG), these results confirm less food waste and losses, making the FarmFresh line sustainable and suitable for packaging fruits from harvest to consumers, lower impact and vibration forces while in transit as well as better retail display.

Patented technology and designs allow for high thermal insulation, ease in stacking and transport. This also translates into more days with healthier, fresher food on store shelves providing many advantages for the retailer. Also, regarding operational and logistics cost issues, the benefits of FarmFresh EPS conservers, against other materials, are proven. Compared to cardboard packaging, for example, EPS conservers are up to 60% lighter, reducing weight by approximately 30%, which also means savings on air freight.

With health safety at the top of consumer concerns worldwide, the European Organization for Packaging and the Environment requested the European Commission, in March, to recognize packaging as an essential component for maintaining the uninterrupted flow of product groups identified as critical, such as “health-related and perishable goods, notably foodstuffs”. Termotécnica defines FarmFresh line’s positioning as the ideal “travel companion” so that fruits, grown by Brazilian producers, arrive in perfect condition in demanding markets such as those of Europe and Asia. “We present the test results and quantify the gains according to each situation. With longer shelf-life and all the characteristics of logistical efficiency, such as reduced freight, we help customers increase competitiveness and, consequently, their sales volumes and market share worldwide”, affirms Nivaldo de Oliveira.

And with the WorldStar 2019 award, granted by the WPO (World Packaging Organization), one of the packaging market’s most important recognitions in the Food and Save Food categories, Termotécnica has established itself as a global reference in post-harvest solutions, making Brazilian fruits, legumes and vegetables gain a more prominent place in international markets while at the same time combating food waste.

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With a 58 year history, Termotécnica is one of Latin America’s largest EPS processing companies and one of the most sustainable companies in Brazil, according to Exame Guide 2019. With an entrepreneurial spirit, it develops solutions from Packaging & Components, Conservation, Agribusiness, Cold Chain, Cargo Handling to Building Construction materials. Headquartered in Joinville (SC), South Brazil, it has production and recycling units in Manaus (AM), Petrolina (PE), Rio Claro (SP), São José dos Pinhais (PR) and Pirabeiraba (SC).