Cuna de Platero: a global berry partner

Cuna de Platero is currently working on the development of new soft fruit varieties that will enable it to position itself as its customers’ global berry partner, supplying them with […]
Mon 31/10/2016

Cuna de Platero is currently working on the development of new soft fruit varieties that will enable it to position itself as its customers’ global berry partner, supplying them with tasty, top-quality fruit all year round, as it already does with raspberries.

For this campaign, more than 65% of its orchards will be planted with native varieties, such as Rábida, Primoris or Rociera. In addition, it will have the Fortuna and Dutch Calinda varieties, which combine great flavour features with a long post-harvest shelf life.

The firm’s commitment to differentiation now brings the launch of the Berrycatessen line for the Premium range.

The creation of its own brand with a special design and packaging, conceived to meet the expectations of the most demanding European consumers, brings together the best of Cuna de Platero’s assortment.

This campaign the focus is on consolidating Berrycatessen’s positioning.

“We want to improve our raspberries’ positioning in markets where they are already present and introduce them into the major potential markets which we have yet to penetrate,” said director general Juan Bañez.

It will also be including blueberries and blackberries, and work on development of Premium varieties is already underway.

Strawberries account for 60% of the produce from Cuna de Platero and volumes are expected to remain the same as last season, when figures reached 45,000 tons.

Although raspberries account for just 15%, the aim is to increase last year’s 1,500 ton volume by around 40% to reach 2,000 tons.

Blueberries, which today account for 16% of production, are also set for a volume increase, by 40%.

From 1,300 t exported last year, this year is expected to exceed 2,000 tons.

Blackberries are a minor niche showing significant growth: the aim is to achieve 50% growth in production volumes, from 50 to 100 tons.

Cuna de Platero works daily to consolidate a business model focused on economic probability, environmental friendliness and corporate social responsibility. Proof of the pudding is the cooperative’s collaboration in the Innocent drink project, which proposes irrigation water measuring and monitoring methods to reduce its water footprint, helping improve efficiency while preserving the surroundings.

Another outstanding feature is application of the Fresh Picking system in all the orchards, to improve the labour conditions for the workforce by avoiding harvesting during the hottest hours of the day and, at the same time, enhancing the fruit quality, as it is harvested fresher and needs fewer hours in cold storage, which means an important energy saving for the cooperative.

“Creating social value is another of our commitments. This way, we help to improve health conditions and quality of life for society,” Bañez said.

To this end, in the frame of Fruit Attraction 2016, the cooperative signed up for the Spanish Heart Foundation Food and Health Programme (PASFEC), whose mission is to promote the healthy properties of berries, encouraging a healthy diet and lifestyle,” explains the manager.

Both “Fresayunando”, a food education campaign aimed at children, and “Open doors” a training session for young professionals in the farming area, are examples of other initiatives promoted by the cooperative, designed to highlight the importance of responsible behaviour in the personal, group, social and environmental scope in forming part of an integrating society.

Cuna de Platero is a cooperative specialising in the production of berries in Moguer, Huelva. All their produce is local and 90% is destined for export to markets such as Germany, France, Italy, the UK and Eastern Europe.