CONSORFRUT: Stone fruit production and export. Between our biggest strengths

Thu 02/07/2020

                                                                                                                                                                                               Press release

Nectarines, flat peaches, peaches, apricots, cherries and plums are some of the most popular stone fruit products which are consumed during the summer season, starting on May lasting till September.

We, as a producer consortium based in Spain, are aware of product characteristics and releases. It is very important to us to keep developing new production methods as well as product innovations. We listen to our clients around the World in Europe, Asia, Russia, Canada, etc., and take note of consumer preferences and necessities. This is why we have developed new cherry and nectarine varieties this year. We have been able to invest in the fields and grow products that have better and different tastes, products that have even greater health benefits and that will be attractive for consumers.

We have such a responsibility during most of the production and supply chain, starting from the early stages of production that it is almost impossible for us to underestimate something so determinant as keeping relevant on the sector with new products and wider possibilities.

We are beyond excited to satisfy our clients this summer by offering them the best stone fruit goods with our brands Sunflavour, Privilege, Mephistus and La Parisienne.