Clause’s Genio, Creativo, Dolcetini cherry tomatoes meet the challenges facing food retailing

© HM.CLAUSE /// Press release   Valence, May 6th. 2020 – The current crisis has greatly impacted how often consumers visit food retails but also how they shop there.     Against […]
Thu 07/05/2020
© HM.CLAUSE /// Press release


Valence, May 6th. 2020 – The current crisis has greatly impacted how often consumers visit food retails but also how they shop there.    

Against this background food retailers must adapt their offer to control supply and avoid food waste. A real challenge for the fruit and vegetables section. A better range of varieties will help foster what’s on offer and increase the attractiveness of the section.

Ideal shelf-life, a must have for the food chain

Genio, Creativo & Dolcetini. These three cherry tomatoes varieties are champions in the CLAUSE cherry range, and they can be available in the fruit and vegetable section all year round. Thanks to the adaptability of their supply and their ideal shelf life, they also meet consumer expectation, who want more than anything else tomatoes with taste.

“Our task is to provide varieties that can be appreciated by all links in the chain; therefore, we actively collaborate with everyone so that the client can receive products with good organoleptic qualities and premium quality and taste, which are what the final consumer demands.” Manuel Ferrer – HM.CLAUSE Food Chain Specialist explains.

HM.CLAUSE, a major player in tomatoes

Behind the brand name CLAUSE is the HM.CLAUSE company, expert in the breeding of tomato varieties for over 80 years. HM.CLAUSE is the leader in cherry tomato seeds in Spain, Italy and Morocco. A team of breeders is dedicated to the cherry program, with numerous research trials in all three countries aiming at breeding varieties adapted to its vegetable producing customers.



In parallel, HM.CLAUSE remains attentive to the needs of food retailers and consumers. Consumption of cherry tomatoes grows steadily in Europe, which is no surprise considering modern consumer behavior: ease of preparation, less food waste, healthy snacking and – cherry (tomato) on the cake – children love them!

In other product segments, such as round, beef or elongated tomatoes, HM.CLAUSE drives its variety breeding programs towards an association of optimum shelf-life and excellence in organoleptic quality.

Among recent product launches, it is worth mentioning Harrison, Kabrera and Badira tomatoes as they perfectly meet the requirements of both food retailing and consumers.

  • Harrison was launched in 2019 in Spain: “Harrison tomatoes are ovoid in shape, intensely red and have the perfect firmness. In addition to a great shelf-life it also displays a high brix. Size, firmness, color and taste all meet into Harrison!” Manuel FERRER – HM.CLAUSE Food Chain Specialist explains.
  • Kabrera, a round fleshy type, was launched both in Spain and in Italy: “Kabrera is a genuine revolution in the “beef tomato” segment. Its fruit are large, full and fleshy; they handle manipulations well and have a long shelf life while offering excellent taste qualities!” Giovanni CANINO – HM.CLAUSE Regional Development Manager in Sicily tells.
  • Badira, a round shaped type tomato produced in Morocco, has an excellent firmness and ideal shelf-life. “The additional assets of Badira are caliber homogeneity and persistent round shape. It can be available all year round.” Mohamed CHARI, Specialist Tomato Morocco at HM.CLAUSE, adds.


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